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About Us

TEAMSYNERGY is a Filipino-owned business based in Manila, Philippines, founded by ​experienced and qualified HR professionals to provide premium services to businesses.

We at TEAMSYNERGY believe that there is a better way to do human resources and business ​process outsourcing (BPO). We collaborate with clients to deliver custom business solutions ​designed to improve their organization using our industry-leading knowledge and experience. ​Our team is dedicated to business strategic resources and the positive difference they can ​make for all types of organizations and their employees.

We have assisted our clients with:

  • Filling HR expertise skill gaps within the organization.
  • Solving challenges that may be encountered in the absence of an in-house HR ​Department.
  • Setting up a new business in the country.
  • Undertaking special projects.
  • Identifying HR deficiencies whilst capitalizing on opportunities.
  • Executive and Staff Search.
  • Back-end office support.

Our pride stems from providing unparalleled work quality across a wide range of expert ​business solutions. We strive to make these solutions available to businesses of all sizes, from ​start-ups to medium-sized and professional enterprises; our plans are flexible and scalable to ​meet your needs and budget. Look no further, let us start creating the human strategy your ​company needs for growth. Call us for Free Assessment!

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Core Values

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We value honesty, ​dependability, and high ethical ​standards.


We make certain that every ​customer is satisfied. We value ​collaboration, respect, and openness.


Brings a sense of unity, creativity, ​collaboration and motivation to ​the workplace.


We measure our success by the ​success of our team and clients, to ​establish a long-term relationship ​based on trust and personal touch.

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To be recognized as a world class ​provider of management consulting ​services for the development and ​implementation of growth strategies ​across all business sectors.


To team up with our clients in ​developing integrated business ​solutions in the areas of human ​resources, and back office support ​in order to drive true innovation in ​their organization's growth.

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Business Process Outsource (BPO)


TEAMSYNERGY can provide skilled and competent personnel based in the ​Philippines, where there is a large multi-skilled workforce with a wide range of ​talent. We can meet your needs by providing a variety of options and ​locating a candidate with the qualities you require to assist your onsite team.

In addition to being cost-effective, we offer advice and support to help you ​make the best use of the extra help. We alleviate the stress and anxiety ​associated with the day-to-day administrative tasks involved in the ​operation of your business, resulting in the retention of your onsite ​employees.

Our support and monitoring, combined with your feedback, ensure that your ​offshore employees are working effectively, efficiently, and to their full ​potential.

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Lets Discuss

Make an appointment with our team today. This will allow us to assess your needs and customize a solution for you.


As specified in your job requirement, we recruit, shortlist, and present qualified candidates for you to interview.

Select Your Team

The candidate of your choice will be ​selected, and TEAMSYNERGY team will ​collaborate with your onsite staff to ​train your new virtual assistant.

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TEAMSYNERGY specializes in data encoding for financial institutions, ​mortgage companies, law firms, and healthcare organizations.

We provide services such as data entry, data mining, data analysis, and ​data visualization. Our team is well-trained and experienced in handling ​various types of data, from large datasets to small, complex datasets.

We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our ​clients and helping them achieve their goals. With a strong focus on ​financial institutions, mortgage, health services, and small and medium ​enyerprises.

TEAMSYNERGY Management Inc has established itself as a trusted ​partner for organizations seeking reliable and efficient solutions.

Data coding

Data entry specialists are in charge of sorting, organizing, processing, and storing information for businesses. They are responsible for all administrative data-related tasks and assisting businesses in ensuring that all information entered into databases or systems is correct and accurate for stakeholder use.

Data entry specialists are also known as:

  • Data Encoders
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Data Bookkeeping
  • Mortgage Encoders
  • Chat/Email Support

By 2027, the worldwide big data market is predicted to reach $103 billion USD. This can be linked to increased awareness of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the availability of data across organizations in order to maintain a competitive advantage, and government spending aimed at improving digital technology marketplaces.

To keep up with this predicted expansion, firms must find ways to hire excellent data entry specialists while keeping employment costs low and quality high. Outsourcing is a solution.

A great variety of data entry jobs may be conducted digitally, making them ideal for doing in an offshore context. Outsourcing data entry specialists to the Philippines is simple and cost-effective as long as your firm is offshore ready.

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Business Process Outsource (BPO)


Instantly help Customers, increase customer satisfaction and Enhance productivity.

Take care of your customers at every step of their purchasing journey using chat.


TEAMSYNERGY streamlines patient registration and medical record management ​according to your preferences, allowing you to spend less time on medical billing. It ​provides an integrated solution for managing patient records, billing, inventory, and ​reporting.


Mortgage data entry is a complicated and tedious task, that’s ​why a lot of firms choose to outsource mortgage data entry. ​With TEAMSYNERGY we offer the most accurate data entry ​services.


With TEAMSYNERGY’s expertise and commitment to accuracy, ​we ensure that your equity portfolio is accurately recorded and ​up-to-date, allowing you to make informed investment decision ​with confidence


Managing investment funds can be a complex and time-​consuming task, especially when it comes to accurate data ​entry. TEAMSYNERGY services ensures that your fund records ​are meticulously maintained and up-to-date. With our expertise ​and dedication, focus on making informant investment ​decisions, while leaving the data entry to us.

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Our recruitment solutions assist our clients in writing job ​advertisements, advertising them across all major job boards, and ​headhunting candidates with the skills and experience required for any ​vacancies, including hard-to-fill roles, to improve productivity while ​reducing interruptions to their operations.

We assist our clients from start to finish, providing an end-to-end ​recruitment solution that includes screening, shortlisting, phone ​interviews, facilitating face-to-face interviews, and conducting all ​required background checks.

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For businesses that require assistance with a specific human resources ​project, our experienced consultants have the necessary expertise to ensure ​that your project is successful and that all of your project goals are met within ​a specified timeframe.

Our services are tailored to clients’ needs, and we always adhere to a clearly ​defined and agreed project plan that we deliver seamlessly from beginning to ​end.

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An organization's culture and climate are natural forces that influence ​employee satisfaction, well-being, and productivity. Understanding the ​culture enables leaders to find ways to improve and build on the existing ​culture, as well as to have information to help them lead the organization ​through innovation to achieve the company vision. TEAMSYNERGY will ​identify measurable, tangible, and proactive variables, as well as practical ​implementation actions that can have a positive impact on the ​organization's culture.

Developers at Work

performance management

Our highly experienced HR consultants at TEAMSYNERGY provide ​comprehensive performance management support, including managing ​underperformance, one-on-one meetings, and performance appraisals. Even ​better, our HR consulting services assist our clients in reviewing job ​descriptions, key performance indicators (KPIs), and development of ​performance management systems.

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HR Audit

An HR Audit is a great way to assess and improve current HR practices while ​ensuring your company complies with all legal requirements.

It will identify strengths and weaknesses, but more importantly, you will be ​presented with a comprehensive report outlining the review findings and ​recommendations at the end of each audit.


TEAMSYNERGY business HR setup is ideal for organizations establishing ​operations and hiring employees world-wide.

A TEAMSYNERGY Consultant will work with you to create a customized HR ​framework for your organization, ensuring that you are compliant and ​following best practices in human resources.

Included are:


Onboarding Documentation

Probationary and Performance Review

Job Descriptions

Termination Procedures

Recruitment Procedures

Compensation and Benefits Structure

Employee Handbook

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Being a dynamic businessman and global business leader, Mr. Jesus Francisco "Sonny Jr" Tambunting II brings a wealth of leadership experience and a ​passion for positive change within local communities. Sonny Jr. comes to the company from his role as president of Pest Equalizer Control and Sanitation ​Services, a pest control management company that serves the entire Metro Manila area. Sonny was the President of Supra Multi-Services Inc. prior to Pest ​Equalizer, a local manpower and recruitment company to provide its clients with the right talent for their company, allowing them to focus on their main ​business. During his 22 years as an entrepreneur, he represented and built relationships with major Philippine corporations.

Sonny Jr holds a B.S.B.A. Management and an M.B.A. Entrepreneur from the Asian Institute of Management.



Cielo has been an HR practitioner and entrepreneur for over 18 years. She specializes in organizational development, payroll, recruitment, finance, ​operations management, and the development of new businesses. She is currently involved in several industries as a business/HR consultant, including ​Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO), manufacturing companies, financial industries, and recruitment manpower.

She is a certified Organizational Development Analyst, Payroll Professional, and Six Sigma Green Belt recipient, and holds a BS in Financial Management ​degree.



Dr. Holmes completed a B.S. Degree from the University of Oregon in 1990 and a 4-year Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1994 from the University of Nevada, ​Reno. After graduation he became a Post-Doctoral Research Associate before embarking on a career in Biotechnology, Medical Device, and ​Pharmaceuticals. His research work primarily focussed on conformational structural analysis of organic molecules, peptidomimetics, affinity labeling ​combinatorial libraries, long lasting bio-conjugate therapeutic agents, medical devices, and longer acting opioid antagonists. Dr. Holmes has led people and ​projects throughout his career and is a true scientific professional with incredible ethics and integrity. He has also been an Assistant Professor and Cheif ​Scientific Officer of a small nutrition company. Dr. Holmes currently consults for a variety of scientific companies and works in water resource ​recycling/management for his local municipality.

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